What are additional residential units?

    Additional residential units are a secondary dwelling unit (living space) that is inside, attached to, or on the same property as a primary dwelling unit, such as a single or semi-detached dwelling. They come in many shapes and sizes and are commonly referred to as basement apartments, coach homes, in-law suites, garage lofts, etc. Additional residential units must be smaller than the primary dwelling in order to be exempt from development charges.

    Why is Woodstock updating its policies and zoning by-laws for additional residential units?

    Bill 108, More Homes, More Choices Act, came into effect in Ontario in September 2019, in part, as a response to the housing crisis in Ontario. To help expand housing options, the Act directs municipalities to enact policies and zoning provisions that allow additional residential units in low density housing types, such as single-detached and semi-detached homes.

    What will change?

    City Council has directed staff to initiate public consultation utilizing a phased approach that would initially permit ARUs in areas of the City that have historically been characterized by, and/or allow for, multi-unit residential development, and largely exclude ARUs from those areas of the City that are more exclusively developed for single-detached dwellings.  

    As such, the proposed changes will initially be largely limited to those areas near the City’s downtown and areas that are currently zoned to permit more than one dwelling unit (e.g., R2 Zone in the map).

    For more details, read the briefing note under Documents.

    When is this happening?

    Right now the City of Woodstock is in the consultation phase. The City is asking residents and community partners for their input on the proposed changes. To share your feedback, send an email to planning@oxfordcounty.ca  and/or take part in the virtual public meeting that will be scheduled and advertised at a later date.