Why is the County preparing a Cycling Master Plan?

    The Cycling Master Plan (CMP) will plan for and enhance cycling infrastructure in the County (i.e., routes and facilities) and build on initiatives previously undertaken by the County, the local area municipalities, and community partners. The goal of the project is to identify opportunities for different types of cycling trips, including commuting, recreation, fitness and touring, and also provide on-road connectivity to local cycling routes and off-road trails.

    The Active Transportation Strategy identified in the 2019 Oxford County Transportation Master Plan includes the development a county-wide Cycling Master Plan that supports the 2014 Oxford County Trails Master Plan. The CMP builds on the recommendations within those two documents, as well as other planning policies that have been adopted at the local, county and provincial level since that time. 

    The CMP will also support the Oxford County Strategic Plan and the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan by promoting low carbon transportation options, healthy and active lifestyles and tourism opportunities. 

    Who is the Cycling Master Plan for?

    Oxford’s Cycling Master Plan is a project for everyone. By coming together to create a bicycle-friendly future for Oxford County, we are working to provide sustainable travel options beyond the automobile and promote healthy and active lifestyles. This benefits everyone in our communities by reducing traffic congestion, improving local air quality, supporting local economies, and making travel easier and safer for those who can’t drive, especially children.

    How does cycling benefit Oxford County?

    Cycling supports the vision and goals of the 2019 Oxford County Transportation Master Plan that focuses on addressing the County’s mobility needs in an effective, responsible and sustainable manner. By preparing the Cycling Master Plan, Oxford County is providing low-carbon transportation options to residents, while also expanding opportunities for recreation, physical activity and tourism. Cycling further supports active lifestyles, improves physical and mental health, protects our environment, and is fun! 

    Oxford County is located in an area where there is a significant amount of interest from a tourism perspective. Whether it is the natural areas and attractions or the local businesses and agritourism, cycling complements these priorities and aligns with economic and social interests of local residents and visitors. 

    How can I get involved?

    Join the conversation here by registering on this site and engaging with our online tools throughout the project. Take our online survey, submit your comments by email or mail, and stay tuned for details on an upcoming public information session. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!

    Please note that due to COVID-19 public health restrictions on public gatherings, opportunities for involvement will be available online, over the phone or web, or by mail. As public health directives evolve, in-person public consultation centres and cycling specific events may be held.